What we do

We teach, mentor and support people who have dyslexia, head-injury or other learning difficulties. We also train volunteers to be mentors and learning coaches. 

Our research shows that:

  • more than 50% of prisoners and unemployed people in the community have dyslexia or similar learning difficulties.  This also includes:
  • army veterans 50%
  • more than 70% have low levels of literacy
  • youth offenders 80%

Success stories

Here at The Cascade Foundation we have developed an innovative, multi-sensory approach to teach and support people with dyslexia, head-injury or other learning difficulties. Some of our learners may also have mental health issues or other associated problems. Using these teaching methods, all of our learners make swift progress. Their frustration and aggression are reduced, re-offending rates decrease dramatically and employment prospects are increased. This process really does transform lives!

We deliver projects in prisons and in the local community in our Cascade Health & Learning Hub and work with offenders, ex-offenders and members of the public who want to learn and gain achievement awards.

Our professional mentors and learning coaches help and support many local people to learn using our specially designed programmes such as Personal & social Development, Literacy, Life-Skills and Preparation for Employment.

About Us

The launch of The Cascade Foundation in the Houses of Parliament

Left to right: Lord Addington (patron), Jackie Hewitt-Main OBE (founder/CEO),
Rt Hon Secretary of State, Chris Grayling MP, Rebecca Harris MP (patron),
Richard Main (trustee) and Jacquie Buttriss (chair)


The Cascade Foundation is a registered charity founded by Jackie Hewitt-Main OBE.

Jackie launched the charity in 2013 at the Houses of Parliament with a key speech given by the Right Hon. Chris Grayling MP, Secretary of State for Justice:

“It’s always a great pleasure to celebrate a great voluntary contribution to prevent offenders reoffending, to help them turn their lives around, to help them deal with the issues that got them into prison in the first place. This is a really great example of a small project in one prison that has the real potential to grow into something much bigger.

Dyslexia is a forgotten challenge. What you’ve done Jackie is you’ve played a huge role in uncovering the challenge. The work you did in Chelmsford Prison really started a ball that will roll a long way.

We are here today to celebrate your work and to wish you the best. It’s clear you have already made a big difference, and I’ve no doubt you will continue making a difference. Thank you and well done.”

Since our launch, we have been running a successful project inside HMP Doncaster which has met with considerable praise. John Biggin OBE, outgoing governor of the prison commented:

“Like a breath of fresh air to the prison … The potential for sustained and often life-changing results for prisoners going through this programme cannot be underestimated … The potential for good that this programme can deliver is not only worth investing in, but embracing as part of the DNA of our prison.”

We also run an ongoing post-release project and a community learning project at the Cascade Health & Learning Hub in Doncaster.

Make a donation

Making a donation to The Cascade Foundation is easy. You can make a donation via the Paypal link below using your credit or debit card. Many thanks in advance!