Let’s spend Christmas together!

We’ve officially launched our festive campaign specifically designed to bring groups of people from local communities and public, private and third sector businesses and organisations together this Christmas.

The campaign titled, ‘Let’s spend Christmas together’, is the idea of our founder, Jackie Hewitt-Main and focuses on several opportunities that can help a wide variety of different people living and working in Doncaster.

“Christmas is fantastic if you have someone to spend it with,” states Jackie. “Sadly, there are many people in Doncaster and across the UK who face Christmas Day alone because they find themselves isolated for many reasons.”

Continues Jackie: “Elderly people often find it difficult to get out of their homes at Christmas due to bad weather or the fact that their relatives live many miles away. People with learning difficulties can struggle to engage with other people so end up spending the day on their own instead. Families who look after siblings or other family members who have a head injury will be focused on caring and may not have time or money to celebrate Christmas. The long-term unemployed, those who are homeless or ex-prisoners who are finding it hard to get back on track, the list is endless but that’s where we come in!

“Now we have our fantastic Cascade Health & Learning Hub on Marshgate in the town, we want to hold a huge Christmas Day dinner for people in these situations to come along and enjoy themselves for a few hours. There is so much organising that will need go into delivering this to make it a success that it represents a truly excellent learning opportunity for all of our clients as well as our volunteers to master new skills and demonstrate their ability.”

Explains Jackie: “Everyone will have a specific task and take responsibility for that task in the run up to the big day and on the day itself. We have a dinner to prepare and cook, the Hub will need decorations, we’d like to market the Hub to those who come along so someone will be responsible for that and we’ll also need to provide some sort of entertainment.

“We can’t do this all by ourselves so I’d like to invite local businesses and other organisations in the third sector to help us create something really spectacular that will grow and grow each year. It is all about spending Christmas together and helping out in any way possible, big or small, it doesn’t matter. By working together as one entity we can all create a Christmas Day to remember for people who might otherwise be alone or excluded for various reasons.”

If you would like to get involved with the Cascade Foundation’s ‘Let’s spend Christmas together’ campaign please contact Jackie on 01302 591050 or 07761 478079 or email: jackie@thecascadefoundation.org