Ambassadors appointed at charity’s 4th birthday celebrations

The Cascade Foundation, has celebrated its fourth anniversary of relocating to Doncaster from Essex by launching the ‘Cascade Ambassadors’ project and appointing its first four ambassadors.

Dale Easter, Sandra Zambelli, Molly Stretton and Ian Curry received huge amounts of praise of charity’s founder, Jackie Hewitt-Main for their myriad achievements over the last few months. The four were presented with their official ‘Cascade Ambassador’ certificates by the Civic Mayor, Cllr George Derx at a special birthday anniversary event held at The Cascade Health & Learning Hub on Marshgate in Doncaster town centre.

Comments Jackie: “Our ‘Cascade Ambassadors’ project focuses on recruiting local people to sign up as ambassadors or volunteers for the charity. By working together and encouraging others to find out more, our ambassadors are sharing their own experience of The Cascade Foundation with everyone they meet and spreading the word so we can help to transform the lives of more and more people with learning difficulties or head injury.”

During the celebrations, special mention was given to Sheila Bailey who has attended the Hub every day, without fail, for the last four weeks. Sheila, who lives in Edlington and has a number of learning difficulties including dyslexia, has never been able to hold down a job for longer than a few days.

“The Hub has given Sheila a new lease of life,” explains Jackie. “She is such a bubbly and vivacious lady, being here with the team is really helping her to understand more about her learning difficulties and how they can be overcome with our unique, sensory learning approach and by learning from her peers. She has a newfound purpose and a reason to get up every morning. Give it a few months and Sheila will have some valuable qualifications under her belt, her confidence will improve and the ultimate goal will be to support her into employment; that’s why she was chosen as our ‘Employee of the Month’ for September.”

Concludes Cllr George Derx: “It was wonderful to meet Dale, Sandra, Molly and Ian and present them with their Cascade Ambassador certificates. The work that they, and all the volunteers at the Cascade Foundation do supporting people with dyslexia, head-injury and other learning difficulties is truly inspiring and makes a real difference in improving the quality of life for some of the most vulnerable people in our community.

“I would like to thank them for inviting me to share in their fourth birthday celebrations and wish them continued success for the future.”