Cascade supports undergrad research

We were delighted to welcome Pam Batchelor, an undergraduate studying Criminology at The University of Surrey, to the Cascade Health & Learning Hub recently.

Pam, who hails all the way from sunny Colorado in the US but has spent the last 25 years here in the UK, is undertaking her thesis this term and the title is: ‘Dyslexia and Crime – a qualitative assessment of ex-offenders with dyslexia and those who work with them with the aim of reducing recidivism.’

Pam Batchelor visited us recently to carry out research for her Criminology degree

Explains Pam: “I’ve always been interested in Criminology, so after raising my kids for the last 15 years as a ‘stay-at-home-mum’, I decided to embark on a degree course in the subject.

“My son is dyslexic and, as part of my undergraduate studies, I’ve already written a few papers within the Youth & Crime module. As such, I started to ask myself if there might be a link between dyslexia and offending and felt compelled to find out more about the social reactions to dyslexia in this particular arena.”

Continues Pam: “I’ve read lots of Jackie’s work and how she has helped prisoners learn to read and write and ensure they don’t return to jail. It costs far less to teach someone reading and writing skills than it does to keep them in prison and I was incredibly impressed with what Jackie had achieved.

“So, I called Jackie and asked if I could visit her in Doncaster and interview some of her current learners, several of whom are ex-offenders, and find out more about their own personal experiences. I heard some inspirational stories and the time I’ve spent talking to everyone involved with the charity has been invaluable for my studies.”

Concludes Jackie: “It was a real pleasure to meet Pam and be in a position to help her with her research; we are always happy to help students and support the work they do to raise the profile of the impact dyslexia has on society. I can’t wait to read her thesis and sincerely hope we can continue to work together in the future!”