How can we help you?

We currently work with offenders in HMP Doncaster, but we plan to start extending our reach to replicate our successful project in other prisons, both in South Yorkshire and further afield. So if you or someone you know is in prison and needs our help, we want to get to you or them soon. We can do this either directly or by training teachers in prisons across the country so that they too can use our methods to teach anyone who didn’t have the right teaching the first time around.

If you want to get in touch, please go to the contact us page. If you want to help us extend our reach to more prisoners read How can you help us?

We are starting to work with newly-released ex-offenders from our programmes in HMP Doncaster and we are also working with ex-offenders with learning difficulties and travellers who have had little or no schooling. Gradually we hope to spread our work to other areas, training members of local communities to become mentors and learning coaches. If this idea interests you, look at our How can you help us? page.

Young people at risk of offending
As we open our Transition Houses and Transition Centres, we will contact schools, colleges, community organisations and probation officers to invite those young people with dyslexia or other learning difficulties who may be at risk of offending. If you are one of those young people referred to us, our ex-offender staff and volunteers will help and encourage you to improve your basic skills to widen your opportunities and to develop positive aspirations for your life.

If you have an offender or ex-offender in your family or a young person at risk of offending, we are there for you too. We have supported many families in both our project areas and intend to broaden that out across the UK in the future. Some of the families we have supported are now keen to help others in a similar situation, so we intend to train families to help others.