Jackie wins Special Achievement in the Community Award in Doncaster Free Press Pride Awards

This week Jackie won the Special Achievement in the Community award, for her work with ex-prisoner, Dale.

He write the letter himself to the Doncaster Free paper all about Jackie and the help she has given him over the last 2 and half years.

“I have been in the prison system for 23 years, I was sent to Doncaster Prison 15 years ago, I have been released many times into Doncaster, homeless, I was diagnosed with dyslexia at 22 years old, four weeks later my Mother died, I had no help, I had a reading age of 4 years, also I have never had a job.

Jackie Hewitt-Main came to Doncaster prison in September 2013, helping prisoners to read and write, training some to be mentors and learning coaches, to help her work with the 53% of prisoners within the prison with learning disabilities, the results came fast and in two weeks she had her first compliment from staff, prisoners where changing, violence was going down for staff and prisoners, the wings were calm.

Jackie spoke to the prisoners and found that over 50% was homeless, so she rented a house and started to work within the community with ex-offenders, one man had been in prison 20 years, a Coldstream Guards (PTS, Schizophrenia, ADHD and Dyslexia), she taught him to cook and learn about money, he stayed out of prison over seven months the longest in 20 years.

I was to be homeless in April 2014, Jackie worked with all the agencies, and took me to her home where the Cascade team was living. She helped me to learn about living within the community, she taught me how to shop, cook and get help with my mental health, after 9 months I moved into my own flat. I now have a life, I’m part of society, and I’ve not committed no crimes, since I have been out of prison, which is now over two andhalf years.

Jackie is working towards setting up a Cascade Learning Hub in Doncaster, where people can come and learn about their disability, and get qualifications, to get them into work, Jackie’s pilot, working with the NLDC 2015 helped 28 people, gain 67 learning outcomes and get an OFSTED grade 2.

All Jackie lives for is to help people, she moved 200 miles away from her family, and she has helped thousands in the prison, and now helping within the community. She has been recognised for her work within the Houses of Commons/Lords and last year ITV “Surprise Surprise”. She is the most beautiful, kind hearted, genuine, trustworthy person, I know.  But most of all for being my angel.”