Mutual Support

Not a popular cause
Like any charity, we need your support to help us support those who need our help. But we are not exactly a popular cause. No appealing children or animals on the home page, and, let’s face it, the men and women in the country’s prisons don’t attract much attention at all, as long as they’re not bothering anyone out there. And prisoners with learning difficulties who never found anyone to teach them to read and write…

Helping people to stay out of prison
But they don’t all need to be in prisons. Dyslexic people are usually bright and they tend to be great creative thinkers. You only have to look at Richard Branson, Ruby Wax or Theo Paphitis to see that. If they learn to read and write to the level of an 11-year-old, they can fill in their own forms to claim benefits, apply for jobs, read instructions, look things up on the internet and pass their theory driving tests. Our innovative approach works and it releases that creativity to stay out of prison and benefit society.

Costs and potential savings
One prisoner costs the country’s taxpayers £100,000 per year. There are more than 80,000 prisoners currently in English and Welsh jails. If only a small percentage of this money came our way, we could save many millions of pounds every year, as we did at Chelmsford.

A virtuous circle
Even on a shoestring, we’ve been able to help hundreds of prisoners change their life-chances and stay out of jail. The more people help us, the more we can help others who want to learn to help themselves and eventually others too.

Children and students with dyslexia
We also want to help school and college students with dyslexia and other learning difficulties, who cannot learn easily through traditional teaching approaches, but who respond very positively to multi-sensory learning. We need to reach out and help more children and adults with dyslexia and, with your help, that’s what we aim to do.

Check out how can we help you? or someone you know and how can you help us?

Make a donation

If you’d like to support our work, you can make a donation to The Cascade Foundation via the Paypal link below using your credit or debit card. Many thanks in advance!