The Cascade Foundation on ITV

On 25th September 2014 ITV did a feature on The Cascade Foundation in two ITV regions, morning lunchtime and evening.  They focussed mainly on our innovative approach, created for dyslexic learners by our Founder, herself a teacher with dyslexia.

Also our CEO/Project-Director, Jackie Hewitt-Main was interviewed about The Cascade Foundation’s successful project in Doncaster Prison and how she developed the multi-sensory programmes we deliver there.  She spoke about the great progress our learners make and how this helps them develop new hope for their future lives.

Our valued staff-member, Colin Nugent was interviewed about going back inside, this time as the first ex-offender tutor to be employed in an English prison, and how the prisoners see him as a great role-model, showing it IS possible for them to turn their lives around. 

Dale Easter, released six months ago, after 23 years of repeated reoffending and only a few days out of prison in between, has been mentored and accommodated by The Cascade Foundation, taught and supported when in prison and since his release.  He spoke about how we have helped him to  transform his life  and is now speaking to audiences about his experiences.

The feature included a short sequence of dyslexic learners doing a multi-skills literacy activity and mentioned our track record of reducing both re-offending and the assault rates in our previous prison project.

We are very grateful to John Tolland, Director of Doncaster Prison, who went all the way to the Leeds studio to be interviewed for the programme and was very supportive of our work and the positive impact it has on the prison as a whole and the individuals learning with us.

This feature was broadcast throughout the Yorkshire and Anglia regions, being shown across 13 counties.


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