WINNER of the Innovation Award!

On 1st October, most of The Cascade Foundation staff team, together with our Chair and Vice-Chair, gathered in our posh frocks and suits at a glitzy Awards ceremony in the centre of London, attended by over 200 people, with many VIPs there to present the awards. 

Two members of our staff were short listed for Redemption and Justice Awards.  Sadly, Colin Nugent, short-listed for the Inspiration Award, didn’t gain quite enough of the public votes needed to win.

Jackie Hewitt-Main’s Innovation Award category was short-listed by the judges.  From the final three the winner would be announced on the night.  We all sat nervously while the merits of each short-listed candidate were acclaimed, followed by the opening of the envelope.  Against stiff competition in this category, Jackie Hewitt-Main was announced as the winner of the 2014 Innovation Award!  She could hardly believe it.

On her way to the stage to accept her award, she persuaded two of our team to go with her – Colin and Dale.  Jackie gave her excited acceptance speech with tears in her eyes.  Both Colin and Dale also spoke briefly about what Jackie and The Cascade Foundation had done for them.

Jackie has a great passion for what we do and an utter belief in every one of her learners, inspiring them to achieve and fulfil her high expectations of them.  They dare not let her down!  She richly deserves all the acclaim and this special award is a great recognition of her highly innovative and successful work. 


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