Your chance to meet ‘The Dsylexic Entrepreneur’

Ken Lewis OBE – ‘The Dyslexic Entrepreneur’ – is set to share the story of how he overcame dyslexia to become an award-winning businessman and CEO, entrepreneur, author and approved House of Commons motivational business speaker.

The Cascade Foundation will host the event titled ‘The Dyslexic Entrepreneur’ at the Cascade Health & Leaning Hub in Doncaster on Tuesday 30th January 2018 from 11am to 2pm with a buffet lunch for all attendees.

The Cascade Foundation

Ken Lewis OBE aka ‘The Dyslexic Entrepreneur’ at The Cascade Foundation

Ken will share tales of his own unique journey to success and talk about being a member and volunteer of several influential industry boards, including the East of England NHS board and The Cascade Foundation charity itself.

Commenting on the event, Jackie Hewitt-Main, CEO and founder of The Cascade Foundation, said: “I’ve known Ken for many years and he is a huge inspiration to me and many other others. Ken is a real character and an excellent speaker so this promises to be a hugely entertaining and unmissable event for anyone with dyslexia or learning difficulties and their families.”

Don’t miss out, secure your free place today with an RSVP to this email or call Jackie on Tel: 07761 478079.